IVSI in France

2009 – SalumiAmo mon amour!

France has been the first country in which SalumiAmo® Europe was hosted. High end ´Aperitivi´ presenting Italian deli meat products of PDO quality (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI quality (Protected Geographical Indication) were organized in six trendy locations (four in Paris and two in Lyon). Beyond the tastings, three events for the media and the expert audience were hosted (two in Paris and one in Lyon).In the French capital the most suitable locations to hold tastings were carefully chosen: Les Philosophes – a literary coffee house which pays a lot of attention to cultural aspects of food (and not only), Le Lutetia – with a great position close to the Notre Dame cathedral, L´Arrosoir – with a bucolic but refined ambience and Le Saut du Loup – a fashionable venue with a view on the famous Pyramide of the Louvre.

In Lyon, city of the culinary French heartland which hosts the bistrot of the great chef Paul Bocuse, two venues have been chosen: L’Harmonie and La Consigne. Participants of the tastings SalumiAmo® France (journalists, opinion leaders, professionals and young consumers) could enjoy the Italian deli meat products, receiving detailed and in-depth information material. Beyond the audience had the possibility to participate in a quiz which offered a culinary weekend in Italy as prize.

1998-1999 – Atelier Salumeria Italiana

In 1998-99 the first promotional program on French territory with the aim to “build” an appropriate quality image of Italian deli meat products was launched, implementing the thought that high-end transformed meat products were Italian.

The programme was built on a PR campaign with seven different subjects, published on leading weekly journals and culinary periodicals. Additionally, one week of tastings was organized in 15 renowned restaurants who offered Italian deli meat products to their clients both as antipasto and as a traditional course during a menu. A brochure was given to inform about the best French wine & Italian deli meats pairing.

In Paris the event “The Atelier of Italian deli meat Products” was presented to introduce journalists and professionals of the food sector to the entire range of deli meats. In conclusion, an intense PR work campaign was conducted with the French press.