The IVSI Manifesto

There are 7 principles on which the "IVSI Manifesto: the charter of our values" is based. Such as he importance of the bond to the territory, the importance of our tradition, or ethics and sustainability in the production process

The IVSI Manifesto

Sense of belonging

Being part of the Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani (the Italian deli meats Promotion Institute) means working together every day to protect, promote and help the world of Italian deli meats grow. Members are inspired by the same style, united by the same values.

First things first

Consumer focus.
We believe in mutual trust between producers and consumers as a driver to consolidate and develop Italy’s cold cuts heritage, a global food excellence.

The consumer at the heart

Italian deli meats are the result of Italy’s great manufacturing expertise and also account for a large slice of the food sector’s economy. It is a varied sector, mainly formed by small and medium-sized businesses that uphold their identity with the region and their connection with the consumer, maintaining a trusted relationship forged over the years. Modern consumers have definitely changed, being more attentive to issues of nutrition and well-being; they feel the need to stay up-to-date about raw materials and the entire production chain. With its Manifesto, IVSI puts the consumer’s needs at the heart of matters, placing the utmost importance in transparency and building a trustworthy relationship between producers and consumers.


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1. History and tradition

We promote the tradition, history and know-how of deli meats producers. Our past brings about our present and leads to the future

Italian cold cuts are the result of the great mastery of Italian producers. Each recipe has evolved over time thanks to the innovation and know-how of producers, whilst still retaining its key features. The history of these products is precisely one of the things that make them truly unique worldwide.

We believe in the value of protecting tradition. We collect stories and accounts to guarantee consumers that the excellence of Italian cold cuts is maintained over time, as they reflect the masterly skills of those producing them.

2. Information and education

We are committed to providing correct, exhaustive, transparent information and promoting the culture of Italian cold cuts. Knowledge broadens horizons

The companies joining the Institute believe that knowledge can improve awareness about the consumption of deli meats.

The Institute promotes culture, provides information and supports Italian deli meats, both in Italy and abroad, on a daily basis through the media, consumer associations, institutions and food opinion leaders.

3. Quality and sustainability

We support and promote the continuous improvement in the quality of Italian deli meats. Seeking excellence is a daily commitment

Producers constantly work to improve and innovate deli meats, also from a nutritional point of view, whilst retaining traditional values. Every day they strive to make their products more sustainable, also by using new technologies and innovative packaging techniques.

With our work, we encourage companies to innovate whilst bearing tradition in mind, and we promote ever high quality standards for Italian deli meats.

4. Bond with the territory

We illustrate the strong bond between deli meats and where they are made – that truly unique added ingredient

The Italian deli meats sector is one of the assets that the world envies us for. It mostly consists of companies that started out as family-run firms and have been able to develop their local traditions, promoting the economic and social development of the area.

We are aware of the strength of this bond and we strive to preserve it, promoting the identity of the local areas where the companies operate.

5. The Italian lifestyle

We promote authentic products globally, helping add value to Italian know-how. Quality, taste and beauty: a lifestyle the world envies us for

Our deli meats are an essential part of Italy’s food and lifestyle. Producers export these outstanding products, thereby supporting the Italian economy with a constantly positive trade balance.

For more than 30 years, also by working alongside the various institutional representatives abroad, we have been promoting Italy’s deli meats and food culture among millions of people around the world, involving consumers, the media, sector operators and food opinion leaders.

6. Teamwork

We work with institutions, public and private bodies to promote the value of quality deli meats in Italy and all over the world. We are part of a common project to make the difference

Successful initiatives and achievements, like the development of the agri-food heritage, can only be pursued with the commitment of all agri-food sector players (farmers, producers, distributors and institutions, both locally and nationally), each with its own role and expertise.

We promote partnerships between the various players in the agri-food sector, as well as with institutions, as a key lever to promote and protect our deli meats in Italy and across the world, as well as strengthen the sector.

7. A focus on the future

How things change matters to us and we listen to consumers. We observe the world as a consumer would

Deli meats producers pay attention to changes in society and listen to the requirements and suggestions of consumers to understand their needs and provide suitable solutions.

We always have the future in mind, are open to and able to understand changes. We promote studies and research, create opportunities to meet up and exchange information and ideas, as well as encouraging an open debate with everyone about the world of deli meats.


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