IVSI in Brazil

2015 – Brazilian press tour in Italy

In July 2015 IVSI (Institute for the enhancement of Italian deli meats) and the Italian Trade Agency – ICE, organized a visit in the production areas of different Italian deli meat products for a selected group of representatives of the Brazilian press from São Paulo. The visit of the food journalists was only the first activity of a wide promotion and valorization program of Italian delicatessen in Brazil which started in autumn 2015.

After the arrival in Milan and a first stop in Parma to get to know the production of the well known dry-cured ham Prosciutto di Parma PDO, the tour continued in the city of Modena with a visit of the historic Albinelli market. The group followed a long schedule with many appointments and tastings of tigelle (thin round breads from Modena), Prosciutto di Modena PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), Parmigiano-Reggiano PDO (Parmesan cheese), Lambrusco and of the famous sour cherry jam of Modena. Due to the collaboration with “Piacere Modena” (a project and brand to valorize Modenese products) the foreign visitors could deepen their knowledge of many typical products, including the Zampone Modena PGI (stuffed pig´s trotter) and the Cotechino Modena PGI which were born in this area.

After Parma and Modena, where they could spend time with the famous chef Massimo Bottura, the press tour continued in Bologna to get to know the production of the Mortadella Bologna PGI (Protected Geographic Indication), a production visited beyond the ones of cooked ham and salami. The last stop was the city of Milan where the journalists had the opportunity to enter the international exposition Expo 2015. The journalists were accompanied by the representatives of IVSI and the Italian Trade Agency to explore the traditional territories and the production areas of the deli meat products, one of the flagships of Italian food.

The group was composed of top position journalists like Josimar Melo Filho (daily paper FOLHA DE SÃO PAULO), Patricia Ferraz (daily paper O ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO), José Antonio De Vargas Dias Lopes (magazine GOSTO), João Norberto Busto (magazine GO WHERE GASTRONOMIA), Ailin Aleixo (Blog GASTROLANDIA), Sérgio Queiroz (maganzine BACO) e Fabricia Volotão Peixoto (magazine ISTO E’).

Events and promotions

The promotion program was scheduled to reach out to Brazilian public on different levels. The first appointments were an opening event and a press conference on 29th September.

2015 – SalumiAmo® Brazil

In collaboration and with the contribution of the Italian Trade Agency ICE, IVSI made Italian deli meat products the main protagonists of a promotion program called SalumiAmo® Brazil which was concentrated in São Paulo and which addresses many different target groups: journalists, foodies, importers and buyers of wholesalers, the channel HORECA and cooking schools. A program which included also the social media channels with the Facebook page, Instagram and the realization of a dedicated website.

The activities were segmented into workshops and tastings in restaurants and selected selling points.

1998 – “Festival da Salumeria Italiana” in São Paulo

In 1998 the first promotional program of IVSI in an non-European country was realized. The campaign, designed to get to opinion leaders, the trade and also the final consumer, had an impressive kick-off through an interview given by the at that time Foreign Trade Minister Augusto Fantozzi who declared the start of the promotional campaign of Italian deli meat products to some of the Brazilian journalists during the official visit of the Italian government in South America.

The official launch of the campaign “Festival of the Italian Deli Meats” was celebrated with a gala dinner organized to feast the hundred and twenty years of Italian immigration into Brazil. The PR work included a press tour receiving seven of the most influencial Brazilian journalists and food critics and a press conference in São Paulo. For the trade specific presentations and trainings of bartenders were offered and held by an Italian restaurateurs.


The promotional activities included seven of the most renowned restaurants in São Paulo which hosted a week of Italian deli meat products with tastings and the distribution of brochures-receipe books. Meanwhile promotions and tastings were organized in various selling points of wholesalers with the distribution of mini-receipe-books for the clients. The communication via media included different specialized and generalist newspapers for a high profile target group. Finally the campaign “Festival of Italian Deli Meats” was completed with promotional initiatives in Porto Alegre and Brasilia at the Italian embassy.