Cooked deli meats

The cooked Italian deli meats are produced using the same pigs used for the production of the most famous raw cured meats: unlike these, their production involves a cooking process, which characterizes the taste, the nutritional qualities and inevitably also the ingredients necessary for achieve them. For example, they are suitable for consumption during pregnancy, because the cooking phase inhibits any threat to the mother and unborn child. This group includes cooked ham, mortadella, cotechino and zampone, but also other products less known as greaves.

Prosciutto cotto

The prosciutto cotto (cooked ham) is obtained from hog thighs, boned, salted and then cooked: the thighs are the same for the production of the prosciutto crudo (raw ham).

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Typical of Emilia Romagna, they can be found throughout Italy. The ciccioli (cracklings) are produced using the leftovers of lean and fat parts of the hog which are melted to obtain lard.

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Mortadella has a typical cylindrical shape. Typical are the appearance and the colour of the slice as well, a uniform pink due to finely minced meat studded with well-defined white cubes, the so-called “lardelli” (first quality fat).

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The würstel (aka frankfurter) is a cured meat arrived in Italy from central Europe but nowadays fully widespread and appreciated in Italy, too.

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Like the zampone, the cotechino is produced  with a mixture of lean pork meat ground and seasoned with salt, pepper, spices and natural flavours and stuffed into a gut.

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Zampone is a product of the Italian tradition made with a mixture of pork meat, rind, fat, salt and spices, stuffed into the skin of the front leg of the pig.

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Cured deli meats

The Italian cured deli meats are the flagship of Italian production of meat products. Their main characteristic is that the meats used to produce them are not cooked but processed raw, using the different conservation techniques: seasoning, salting, spicing, bagging, smoking, used to obtain products among the most famous in the world. On the whole of Italian cured meats the raw ones are the most numerous.

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Other Salumi

The gastronomic tradition boasts numerous masterpieces: just think that in Italy about 700 different deli meats have been counted from north to south and the number seems to be an estimate by default. Many are present throughout the territory, with characteristics that vary from region to region; others, are typical of specific territories and can be found only in those areas. Among these, for example, goose salami and porchetta, which are fully part of our traditional deli meats

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