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Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani

The Italian deli meats promotion Institute (IVSI) was born in 1985 – in response to growing consumer information needs – and operates with the aim of promoting awareness of typical cured meats and spreading correct information on nutritional values ??and cultural, productive and gastronomic delicatessen products aspects .

It collaborates with the Ministries of Agricultural, Food, Forestry Policies, with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economic Development, with the Regions, with Consumers Associations, with the Council for agricultural research and analysis of the agricultural economics (CREA, formerly INRAN), with the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), with the Italian Embassies and with several organizations and Consortia of the agri-food sector.

On the national territory, the Salumi Italian Valorisation Institute has promoted editorial publications, market research, scientific investigations and other initiatives and events aimed at the mass media, opinion leaders, the scientific community and the vast consumer public. Abroad, cured meat promotion programs were carried out in France, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Brazil, Canada, the United States, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan.

IVSI Manifesto: the charter of our values

IVSI has created the IVSI Manifesto in 2018, which communicates the identifying values ??of the deli meats-producing companies, collected in seven values ??that testify to the companies’ commitment to consumers. It is a charter that sets out principles and features that serve as a guideline for companies that decide to join and sign it. The Manifesto is an applied modus operandi shared by the Members of the Institute, who voluntarily decide to be part of it. The project, born and developed internally at the Institute, is the first tool that has the ambition to bring together a whole sector into common values ??that are valid for each manufacturing company.

The subscription to the Manifesto is voluntary, but not without control mechanisms: the adhesion takes place following the completion of an evaluation questionnaire with minimum entry threshold, in which the performances are measured in relation to compliance with the seven values IVSI. The subscription is guaranteed by a Control Body, which verifies the achievement of the minimum score required and provides for a periodic mechanism to ascertain the maintenance of these standards. The process is repeated once a year, with the aim of improving its performance: the minimum entry threshold must be reached by all members and maintained, or improved, under penalty of failure to provide – or renew – the status of “adherent”.


SalumiAmo is a trademark of IVSI, registered in Europe, Canada and the United States. It was born in 2005, as a concept designed for young consumers: it is an event-formula based on guided tasting of Italian cold cuts (often PDO and PGI) during the happy hour time, during which people can ejnoy deli meats as well as information about products, going deeper on their characteristics or on the curiosities that distinguish them. A true ritual of our times, the aperitif, is the ideal time to involve consumers. The aperitifs are usually organized in particular locations, sometimes take place in conjunction with major events or on special occasions: i.e. in Perugia during the Umbria Jazz Festival, in Verona during Vinitaly or in Milan, in the Salone del mobile (during the Design week) expo. But SalumiAmo is also bond to artistic events or events of great public interest, such as in 2009 with Zelig comedians or at EXPO2015 in Milan, with a series of events at the Triennale Museum.

SalumiAmo aperitifs have had considerable success even where the palates are more refined thanks to the creation of events that combined tasting, information, culture and the playful aspect, particularly appreciated by foodies. Over the years, under the SalumiAmo brand, IVSI has also organized b2b meetings, educational workshops, such as those held for the public of the Festival della Scienza di Genova (Genoa science festival), in which it has participated in various editions.

Today SalumiAmo is a brand that immediately communicates conviviality, taste and tradition of authentic Italian deli meats. In 2017 IVSI has created the SalumiAmo Ambassador award, which is given to the personalities of the food world who have distinguished themselves for making cured meats known in Italy and in the world.

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