IVSI in Argentina

1999 – “Argentina & Italy, paises en movimiento”

In May 1999 IVSI (Institute for the enhancement of Italian deli meats) embraced the opportunity to promote the sector of Italian deli meats in Argentina due to the initiative “Agentina and Italy, paises en movimiento”, taking place in Buenos Aires and organized by the Italian Trade Agency ICE. IVSI participated in the opening congress of Confindustria (Italy’s biggest Italian employers’ federation and national chambers of commerce) on the subject of “the Italian industry on the cusp of the 3rd millenium”. The then IVSI president Vittore Beretta (in charge during the initial period) contributed majorly with his presentation disclosing the sector and its economic figures. For the occasion the Institute realized promotional material in local language to present all main products of the Italian charcuterie to the general public of this South American country.