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Italian Salumi at Winter Fancy Food 2014

The Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani (IVSI) in collaboration with ASSICA (Italian association of meat producers) attended the WINTER FANCY FOOD SHOW 2014 held in SAN FRANCISCO from January 19th to 21st. The show, in its 39th edition in 2014, is one of the major exhibitions of the new world dedicated to the most modern trends in the food sector. IVSI promoted the Italian Salumi such as mortadella, prosciutto and salame, to raise awareness and appreciation to the American consumers about the authentic products of the Italian tradition, so much loved and desidered throughout the world.

IVSI booth at the show was about 40 square meters, set up as part of the collective within the Italian Pavilion (the biggest one), dedicated to our country. IVSI also organized guided tasting: helped by the Italian chef Fabio Ugoletti (1 Michelin star), of the International School of Italian cuisine ALMA (from Parma), who reinterpreted Italian deli meats in creative preparations, as well as gave tips to taste them at best.

A cultural event

On the occasion of participation in the WINTER FANCY FOOD, IVSI organized also an event in collaboration with ASSICA and the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco, dedicated to an audience of operators, journalists, opinion leaders and food lovers.A night dedicated to discovering tastes of cold cuts through live demonstrations of Chef Fabio Ugoletti, with production and nutritional details explained by David Calderone - director at ASSICA. An event made to celebrate the Italian charcuterie, its tradition, and before that, the culture that underlies the production of these masterpieces of the authentic made in Italy.

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SalumiAmo Hong Kong

SalumiAmo has been in Hong Kong and Macau! Italian Salumi were on stage from 15 November to 6 December 2013 in restaurants, bars and under promotion in some food department stores.
An Italian chef hass been in Hong Kong to oversee the whole program, organized by IVSI and ITA (Italian Trade Agency), and to teach something about Italian cured meats in a two cooking schools.

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IVSI at Reggio Emilia for 52nd Pig Breeding Exhibition

Great success for IVSI's initiatives in Reggio Emilia: a scientific Congress (in association with ASSICA) SalumiAmo at Spazio Gerra and 3 show cooking sessions inside the fair spaces.

From April 18th to 20th was held in Reggio Emilia the 52nd International Pig-Breeding (Rassegna Suinicola Internazionale), where IVSI participated with several events in and out of the fair.
A series of initiatives for consumers, operators and health professionals. From the stand shared with ASSICA (National association of pig meats and deli meats producers), located near the Corte Gastronomica (Taste Court), IVSI gave information to the participants of the exhibition on the world of charcuterie, their history and tradition that distinguishes them. An important job done by our experts, who responded to every question of visitors about Italian deli meats, their history and other aspects related to charcuterie sector, such as pig breeding, a fundamental step in salumi production.

Publications distributed about deli meats and traditional production chain aroused considerable interest, as well as the initiatives carried out during this great event.
First event was the scientific congress organized with ASSICA on the first day of the exhibition. The congress was CME credits (Continuous Medical Education) approved and was dedicated to the publication of nutritional updated data of pork cold cuts ad deli meats.

Then there where three show cooking, made ​​with ALMA (International Italian Cooking School) in the closing day, which had a great success and where welll frequented by visitors and operators. Some interesting recipes made to enhance deli meats in the kitchen.

One of the coolest appointments of these programme was on April 18th, when IVSI set up a classic SalumiAmo to Spazio Gerra, a contemporary art gallery in the city centre.

This series of events that have not failed to involve the territory and the city of Reggio Emilia, such as the initiative 'Salami & the City', in which the windows of boutiques in the old town have announced the arrival of the Festival Pig Farming to the city, exposing traditional products and meats among dresses, shoes and other non-food products on sale.

An extensive photographic record is available to the Facebook page 'SalumiAmo'.