Events for consumers

The Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani organises a series of events or activities dedicated to consumers. Young people are one of IVSI's favourite targets and the SalumiAmo aperitifs were created for them: an event featuring the guided tasting of PDO and PGI deli meats during the Happy Hour, a real ritual among young Italians and the best time to contact this target. These aperitifs organised in the trendiest places of Italy often take place during major events such as Umbria Jazz Festival, Vinitaly or the Salone del Mobile, artistic or theatre performances, with comedians from Zelig (a famous Italian TV show).

SalumiAmo aperitifs have been very successful also amongst the refined palates of visitors to the Salone del Gusto di Torino exhibition. IVSI has taken part in 4 editions of the international exhibition organised by Slow Food with a large exhibiting area that featured non-stop information, cultural, entertainment and tasting events every day dedicated to foodies, plus a full programme of appointments that was always fully booked. IVSI has also organised meetings and workshops at the Science Festival of Genoa: young people, students, professors and families listened to the stories, anecdotes and scientific processes that characterised the evolution of food and the relationship between science and cuisine. These are just some of the latest events organised by IVSI.


Students and schools have always been the focus of IVSI. The Istitute organises educational meetings for young people involving schools, for example through competitions and other initiatives aimed at dwelling on history and tradition of deli meats, and getting to know the specific characteristics of the main typical deli meats also through guided tastings for young people. An example is the Laboratorio di Augusto, a course designed to teach characteristics and flavours of Italian deli meats and prove that taste is "child's play"!
Moreover this, there are contests addressed to middle schools organised in collaboration with the National Union of Consumers ranging from "Pane e Salumi" to "Galassia Salumi" and "Pubblicitario per un Giorno" (Advertiser for a day) where young people were asked to design an advertising campaign to communicate the quality of PDO and PGI deli meats.

Training is also addressed to future chefs, i.e. students of hotel schools, for whom specific lessons are dedicated to Italian deli meats or contests are held to create the best recipe made with deli meats. Also sector operators are involved with a specific focus on PDO and PGI products. IVSI's training activities include real courses in which participants have the possibility to learn from deli meat experts about the history, production processes and nutritional quality of deli meats.

Nutrition and science

The Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani has always had an open dialogue with doctors, nutritionists, and food experts, and has always committed itself to dissemination of the nutritional values of Italian deli meats in conjunction with bodies responsible for food education. In particular, IVSI promotes research into the nutritional values of Italian deli meats (INRAN analyses of 1993 and 2011).

It works with associations and medical and scientific institutions to organise workshops, conferences and scientific symposia of international significance including, to name but a few, the Conference "Carne e prodotti derivati nell'alimentazione umana, oggi" (Meat and derived products in the human diet today) and "Salumi Italiani: Nuovi Valori, Nuovo Valore” (Italian deli meats: new values, new value). It disseminates nutritional aspects through the publication of scientific material such as the Salumi e Salute newsletters addressed to dietologists, paediatricians, specialists in geriatrics, sports doctors and nutritionists and the publications "Salumi italiani: la tradizione al servizio dell'alimentazione moderna" (Italian deli meats: tradition at the service of the modern diet) and "Salumi italiani: nuovi valori, nuovo valore" (Italian deli meats: new values, new value), to name but a few.

Information and media relations

The Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani is a reference point and a valuable source of information on the Italian deli meat industry for journalists and opinion leaders. Media relation activities, carried out by the internal Press Office, allow IVSI to keep in touch with radio and television newsrooms, press (newspapers and magazines) and new media. The presence of Italian deli meats in major radio and TV programmes dealing with food, nutrition, lifestyles is quite remarkable as these are media interested in talking about Italian Salumi.

Journalists are the key players at dedicated events and initiatives of IVSI. An example is the "Reporter's Panino" competition, a challenge featuring mastery and creative combinations of PDO and PGI deli meats paired with traditional Italian breads and wines. This competition combines the tradition of the Panino with journalists humor.
Furthermore, particular importance is set on the Journalists Award "Reporter del Gusto" ("Taste Reporters"), established by IVSI in 2004 in collaboration with the Italian Ministry for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, which has been enriched by an international section since 2006. 
The Award intends to recognize the journalistic activity of those professionals who help the Italian Salumi‘s knowledge, imagine, culture, identity and quality to be spread and enhanced.