2009-2011 - "Made for Taste" campaign

In the period 2009-2011, the IVSI promoted Italian deli meats in Sweden as part of the European Programme “Made for Taste” organised in conjunction with the Italian Wine Association and Veronafiere to foster the consumption of PDO and PGI deli meats and wines. Each year, deli meats and wine tastings were organised in 20 famous restaurants/venues in Stockholm. Moreover, events for operators and opinion leaders, as well as press campaigns were set all over the country. An important role was also attributed to training: courses on wines and deli-meats were organised in professional schools and universities located in various cities around Sweden: from Bastad to Umea, from Malmo to Bollnass and – obviously – Stockholm. Training was also available for the chefs and restaurant owners involved in the promotion. As part of the Programme, Swedish journalists and operators were invited to Italy during the Vinitaly wine exhibition, PR activities were organised, and specific information material and the website www.madefortaste.eu were developed.

1997-1998 - First promotion programme in Sweden

The launch of the promotion programme in Sweden in 1997-98 was marked by a gala evening in Stockholm to which the Italian Embassy invited local journalists and operators, and which was followed up by a workshop for operators. Subsequently, tastings of Italian Salumi were organised in selected points of sale in Stockholm, where also mini-recipe books translated into Swedish were handed out to participants. The promotional activity was further enhanced by advertisements in the monthly food magazine “Allt Om Matt” and in the two main Swedish newspapers. Also PR activities were carried out, that included offering product samples and information press folders to the journalists of the leading food and women's magazines in Sweden.