2009 - SalumiAmo mon amour!

France was the first country to host SalumiAmo Europe in 2009. Six trendy places were selected (4 in Paris and 2 in Lyon) where a high quality aperitif with Italian PDO and PGI deli-meats was organised together with three events (2 in Paris and 1 in Lyon) for the media and operators.
The most appropriate places in the French capital to feature the aperitifs based on Italian deli meats were selected with great care: Les Philosophes, a literary café particularly heedful of the cultural aspects of food (and not only); Le Lutetia, located just a few steps from Notre Dame; L’Arrosoir, with its bucolic but refined environment in a perfect French style, and Le Saut du Loup, a fashionable place with a view of the famous Louvre pyramid.

In Lyon, where the bistro of the grand French chef Paul Bocuse is located, L’Harmonie and La Consigne were the venues selected. The customers of the places involved in SalumiAmo France (journalists, opinion leaders, professionals and young consumers) were able to taste Italian deli meats and receive detailed and comprehensive information Furthermore, the public involved was able to take part in a quiz (with questions on Italian deli meats) to win a gastronomic weekend in Italy.

1998-1999 - Atelier Salumeria Italiana

In 1998-99 the first promotion Programme beyond the Italian borders was organised with the purpose of "building" an image that would be up to the quality of Italian deli meats, in order to convince the French that "haute de gamme" charcuterie does indeed come from Italy.
The Programme focused on a press campaign on 7 different subjects scheduled in weekly opinion magazines, as well as women's and monthly food magazines. Furthermore, one week of tasting events was organised in 15 renowned French restaurants which recommended Italian deli meats to their customers as both starters and original recipes, together with a brochure suggesting the best pairings with French wines.
Paris saw the organisation of the event “Atelier della Salumeria Italiana” to present the entire product range to journalists and sector operators. Finally, all activities were backed up by major PR activities involving the press.