2014 - SalumiAmo Europe back to Brussels

In 2014, the Italian deli meats are back in the heart of the European institutions, IVSI in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency (Brussels) and the participation of Protection Consortia members of ISIT. The opening event of SalumiAmo Europe 2014, held on 5th November in Brussels, opened the three days of events planned in the Belgian capital, which was then followed by a day of tasting to the European Commission on 6th November. The Berlaymont, again hosted the tasting of Italian PDO and PGI deli meats, as happened in 2009 and 2011. As for the launch event, even in the Commission, the tasting was prepared by a chef of ALMA - International Italian Cooking School. Great turnout and so much interest in our salumi, especially appreciated by non-Italian guests, both in the Commission and in the European Parliament tasting, which ended November 13th the initiative. At the Parliament, SalumiAmo represented a moment of pleasant tasting, as usual, but also a way to know in more detail these excellences of our food heritage, in addition to the commitment of a sector in the promotion and enhance the good things our made in Italy produces. The tasting has been opened by the speech of Hon. Elisabetta Gardini, who presented the event at the presence of several MEPs and the Vice President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani, renewing its commitment to the defense this food and cultural heritage by the EU.

EuroParliament Speeches Video
(13th November)

2011 - SalumiAmo in Brussels

In 2011 the success of the first edition of SalumiAmo was encored in Brussels thanks to close collaboration between IVSI, ASSICA, ISIT Consortiums and the local Italian Trade Commission (ICE) offices. The November events were inaugurated with a soirée at the Bibliothéque Solvay, a prestigious and charming venue just a stone's throw from the European Parliament, which aimed to celebratie the Association's profound ties to Europe and pay respect to the European journalists and officers who had contributed to publicizing made-in-Italy products through their work.

The Berlaymont Building, headquarters of the European Commission, hosted three days dedicated to tasting 19 different types of PDO, PGI and ISIT deli meats. The unmistakeable aromas and flavours of Italian deli meats completely won over the European officers. Approximately 2,200 people from the 27 European member states had the opportunity of getting to know the protected products through sensory tasting and IVSI publications.

2009 - SalumiAmo in Belgium for the first time

2009 saw the début of SalumiAmo Belgium, which was successfully put on in Brussels and Antwerp. Thanks to collaboration with the Italian Trade Commission (ICE) and some Protection Consortiums, the event brought some excellences of the Italian deli-meat sector to Europe's institutional capital. In addition to the aperitifs organised in selected high end venues, on 14 January the launch event took place at the Le Vaudeville Theatre located inside the exclusive Galerie del la Reine of the Belgian capital, which saw the participation of numerous leading members of the Commission and European Parliament, Italian representatives in Brussels, and other institutions.

The opening event was followed by 5 days of tastings at the Berlaymont Building, seat of the European Commission, with numerous participants, including Antonio Tajani - Vice-President of the Commission. Also the restaurants inside the European Commission's building offered a tasting of Italian deli meats on their menus. Another important tasting event was organised at the Spinelli Building, seat of the European Parliament, with the presence of Vice-President Mario Mauro who supported the organisation of the event.