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2014 - Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco

The Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani (IVSI) in collaboration with ASSICA (Italian association of meat producers) attended the 39th WINTER FANCY FOOD SHOW 2014 held in SAN FRANCISCO from January 19th to 21st. The Winter Fancy Food show in San Francisco is one of the main showcases overseas dedicated to the latest trends in the field of food.
IVSI attended the show to make people taste and enjoy the best Italian salumi and to make them better known in the US: both goals achieved also thanks to the skill of the chef Fabio Ugoletti from ALMA - International Cooking School of Colorno - a Michelin star and former ambassador of Italian cuisine during the promotional program SalumiAmo Hong Kong. The chef proposed natural meats, along with fresh made 'piadina' and in combination with fruit, salad, pear mousse and chopped pistachios and other creations. The tasting included 5 different types of salumi - prosciutto crudo, salami, pancetta, cooked ham, mortadella -

Visitors at the event were also given the opportunity to understand the production characteristics and the nutritional properties of our products, and learn about the regulations and export dynamics between Italy and the U.S., thanks to the presence of David Calderone, director ASSICA (National Association of Italian Meat and Salumi Producers). The booth of Italian salumi has attracted much interest among visitors and in addition to a number of operators who stopped by to ask questions and taste the authentic Italian products.

The event at the Italian Institute of Culture

Great interest was aroused by the event SalumiAmo held January 22 at the Italian Institute of Culture. In the beautiful San Francisco headquarters, at the presence of the Italian Consul, Mauro Battocchi, there has been an evening dedicated to discovering the taste of Italian salumi through live demonstrations of Chef Fabio Ugoletti, ALMA, the production and nutritional insights of David Calderone, ASSICA director, the tales of Viola Buitoni, food blogger and expert gastronome and the wine pairings with the sommelier Elisabetta Fagioli. The audience (importers, distributors, restaurateurs, bloggers and food lovers) were pleased to taste the authentic Italian deli meats freshly sliced with the famous Berkel slicer.
As usual for the real Aperitivo SalumiAmo, you could not miss the match with Italian wines, for a classic Italian aperitif. The evening was much appreciated by the participants, who showed keen interest in the Italian cold cuts and asked a lot of questions, about production and gastronomic suggestions, the possibility to import in the United States and so on.
Download SalumiAmo Brochure about Italian Salumi (ENG)

2013 - US opens to export of Italian cured deli meats

IVSI confirmed its presence at Summer Fancy Food 2013 in New York, after "historic opening of exports" news has been spread at the end of April.

From May 28 next, salame, pancetta, coppa and other short-maturation dry-cured meats can now be exported to the USA. In fact, today saw the publishing of a notice by the American APHIS agency (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) which officially determines that the regions of Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Venice, Piedmont and the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano are free of swine vesicular disease (SVD). "This is a first major result for ASSICA in their drive to start exporting important Italian dry-cured meat products such as salami, pancetta, coppa and culatello to the USA" states Lisa Ferrarini, the President of ASSICA. "Made-in-Italy products are very well known in the USA (and our products are also much imitated). Italian food products are particularly popular as demonstrated by the purchase of dry-cured and cooked hams and mortadella which we have already been able to export for years."

(ASSICA - National Association of Meat and Salumi Producers - www.assica.it)
Download ASSICA press release (ITA/ENG)

2005 - Fancy Food exhibitions in San Francisco and New York

In 2005, the participation at the Winter Fancy Food exhibition of San Francisco in January and at the Summer Fancy Food exhibition of New York in July were important overseas showcases. During both exhibitions, visitors to the IVSI stand inside the Italian space managed by the Italian Trade Commission (ICE) were offered the possibility to taste those deli meats that can be exported to the United States and to learn about authentic Made-in-Italy products through a brochure-recipe book and a video in English.

2003-2004 - Market Research and "The taste of Italian Style" campaign

In 2003, an important and complex market survey was carried out in the USA, which included a first phase of desk research and a second phase of survey on trade and consumption, and aimed to provide a snapshot of the US deli meat market, consumer profile, food buying habits, sales, retail channels and, at the same time, collect information on the size, potential growth and characteristics of the US deli meat market in general, and of Italian deli meats in particular.
In 2004, the IVSI took part in the Programme for the Promotion of Italian Agri-food Products arranged by the Italian Trade Commission (ICE) in the United States, which also saw the involvement of ASSITOL, Consorzio dell’Aceto Balsamico di Modena, Consorzio del Grana Padano and Consorzio del Prosciutto di San Daniele. The programme included an advertising campaign called “The Taste of Italian Style” which combined the excellence of Italian food with that of Italian design, which is another key Made-in-Italy area, the development of a brochure-recipe book, an event for journalists at the Executive Dining Room of Condè Nast in Times Square, tasting events entitled “Design Italian Style” in New York, Boston and San Francisco, promotions at restaurants in New York and Fort Lauderdale in collaboration with the Saveur magazine, and food weeks at a couple of Whole Foods Market points of sale, and at Grace's Marketplace and Citarella in New York.