South Korea

2006 - Italian Salumi arrive in Seoul

Following South Korea's opening its doors to deli meat imports, in 2006 IVSI was involved in a rich promotional programme organised with the contribution of the Italian Ministry for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, the Italian Trade Commission (ICE) and the collaboration of the Italian Embassy in Seoul. In the months of March and December, the main square of Seoul was the setting for several promotion initiatives addressed to Korean journalists, importers, operators, restaurant owners and consumers. The first event was the participation in the Seoul Food Exhibition with “Punto Italia”. The stand was visited by a very large number of people who were able to taste Italian deli meats for the first time and learn about them thanks to a brochure-recipe book in Italian and Korean, and a video in Korean language.

In addition to the Exhibition, in March the Italian Embassy in Seoul hosted an event to present Italian Salumi, while a TV troupe from KBS travelled to Italy to document Italian lifestyle and the production steps of some deli meats. To coincide with the beginning of exports of dry-cured hams, the IVSI organised a full programme of events in December. The press conference in Seoul dedicated to the arrival of PDO dry-cured ham in South Korea was preceded by a workshop for importers, distributors, buyers, point-of-sale operators, restaurant owners and chefs. A dinner for journalists and operators interested in Italian deli meats was organised at the Residence of Italian Ambassador Massimo Andrea Leggeri and, thanks to the collaboration of the Embassy, a Journalists' Award “Reporter del Gusto” ("Taste Reporters") was launched, dedicated to South Korean journalists who have contributed to promoting the image and quality of Italian Salumi. Two courses for chefs were held by Massimo Spigaroli at the Italian Cuisine schools “Il Cuoco” (part of the network of Schools of Italian Cuisine established by ALMA of Colorno) and ICIF.

Last but not least, from 8 to 13 December, one week of promotions and free tastings was organised in 18 of Seoul's top restaurants and wine bars to let customers experience a "typical Italian starter based on deli meats" and receive a brochure-recipe book. These tastings were advertised on the Chosun and Donga national newspapers, each enjoying a circulation of more than 2 million copies, with the list of all the restaurants and wine bars involved in the promotion.