2006 - "The taste of Italian Style" campaign

In 2006, the Institute took part in the Programme for the Promotion of Italian Agri-food Products arranged by the Italian Trade Commission (ICE) in collaboration with AIDI-Asti Spumante, Enoteca Italiana di Siena, Consorzio del Grana Padano and the Prosciutto di San Daniele and Mortadella Bologna Consortiums.
The programme developed an advertising campaign called “The Taste of Italian Style" published in several magazines, information material (brochure-recipe book), events and tasting activities in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. “Settimane della cucina italiana”, i.e. weeks dedicated to Italian cuisine, were organised in high-end restaurants and the Imperial Hall of the GUM Department Store, the splendid Moscow setting overlooking Red Square. A whole day was dedicated to the products from the campaign “The Taste of Italian Style”: a press conference opened the series of events and this was followed by a lunch with a tasting of Italian products and a workshop dedicated to importers, distributors, buyers and restaurant owners.

2004 - Prodexpo exhibition in Moscow

In Russia, in February 2004, IVSI took part in the Prodexpo Exhibition in Moscow, one of Russia's most important food showcases, with an exhibition stand measuring more than 60 square meters inside the area dedicated to Italy. The event had a double purpose: to present the entire range of Italian Salumi through tastings and the distribution of information and promotional material in Russian, and to foster trading activities through business to business meetings between Italian and Russian operators.