2015-2017 - "SalumiAmo PDO" brings deli meats back in Japan

SalumiAmo DOP is a biennial campaign of information and promotion realized by IVSI, with contributions from the European Union and the Italian State and the collaboration of the Italian Trade Agency-ICE (Tokyo headquarter). From 2015, when the realization of the many informational materials has begun officially, a number of planned activities are going to take place: cooking classes and  showcooking, tastings in restaurants and stores of different Japanese cities, meetings with local operators, attached educational booklets to major magazines and brochures to spread the culture about deli meats and PDO/PGI EU marks, press meetings and trips to Italy, as well as a Press Award called 'Reporter del Gusto' (taste reporter). For IVSI, this is the third campaign in Japan. 

The press conference in which there has been the introduction of the  promotional program to the local media was held on April 4, 2016 at Restaurant Bulgari, in Tokyo's Ginza district. On that date the calendar of activities came to life. On the occasion of the launch event, the President of the Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani (IVSI) Francesco Pizzagalli, said that "we have with Japan an established relationship of friendship and respect. The Japanese consumer is very attentive to the quality of the food and, in addition to taste, looking for a healthy and natural product. Our deli meats respond to these demands."

All updates are available on the website of the initiative, created for the occasion in Japanese  www.salumiamo.jp.

Inside the main brochure distributed in Japan, there are some creative ideas for the preparation of deli meats in recipes specially created by Chef Kotaro Noda. His creations are the exact meeting between European and Japanese cultures: a harmony that is reflected in the ingredients, in combinations and presentation of the dishes, chosen to excite the imagination of the Japanese consumers... as well as Italian!

Kotaro Noda
In Italy for 17 years, a degree in marketing, Noda has 'married' the Italian cuisine and oriental method. Its Japanese nature emerges in the treatment of the raw material and in its presentation; respect for Italian tradition is instead found in the preparations of great regional classics such as Amatriciana, Carbonara or Cacio&Pepe (Roman cheese and pepper). He began his career with Gualtiero Marchesi in Kobe, with Enrico Crippa and then the Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence. He has earned a Michelin star at the Enoteca La Torre Viterbo and two forks in the Gambero Rosso guide for its cuisine at Magnolia restaurant in the Jumeirah Grand Hotel Via Veneto in Rome. After a period in Copenhagen, at the restaurants of Noma and Geranium, he has decided to return to Italy, to Rome, to raise awareness of its cuisine and exalt the combination of two great cultures, the Italian and the Japanese.

Take a look to his creations!

2008-2010 - "Tradition and quality Salumi" campaign

The main activities of the second year were concentrated in the autumn of 2009 with the TV program “The Girolamos’ Salumi Kitchen” broadcast on BS Asahi, and Mr. and Mrs. Panzetta being the unrivalled stars (he is the most popular Italian in Japan, second only to Leonardo Da Vinci, who lays down the law on glamour and new trends). In addition, an advertising campaign, a busy calendar of press events and relations with media and opinion leaders, promotions/tastings in super-busy department stores and restaurants selected for the occasion, plus connection via a QR Code to the mobile version of the website www.salumi.jp. Another important initiative of the Programme was the prize “Reporter del Gusto” ("Taste Reporters"), which was awarded in Italy to the winning journalists.

In 2008, the two-year Programme for the promotion of Italian deli meats in Japan started thanks to funds allocated by the European Union and the Italian Government.
Starting from a mission of Japanese journalists to Italy, the activity continued with a press conference held at the Armani Ginza Restaurant in Tokyo, a meeting with importers, an advertising campaign in large circulation newspapers and magazines dealing with lifestyle, and promotional activities in restaurants and points of sale. Furthermore, the Programme led to the preparation of information material, the website www.salumi.jp and other promotional items in Japanese.

1999-2003 - First promotional campaign in Japan

The first three-year Programme organised by the IVSI immediately after the opening up of the Japanese market to Italian deli meats in February 1999 coincided with the launch and dissemination phase of Italian deli meats in Japan. The first presentation of Italian Salumi was organised in record time during the important food exhibition in Tokyo, Foodex. According to a market survey, which was indispensable to launch deli meats in a country with a food culture that is radically different from the Mediterranean one, from 2000 to 2003, initiatives addressed to different target consumers were carried out. The first goal was to encourage meetings between Italian manufacturers and Japanese operators through participation in 3 editions of the Foodex Exhibition and a road-show – featuring a press conference, workshop and training for operators – in the cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. Consumers were exposed via an advertising campaign, TV programmes on NHK , cooking courses for chefs and aficionados organised at the Hattori and Tsuji Cooking Schools, promotions at department stores, and tastings in famous restaurants of Tokyo and Osaka.

Additional activities included the preparation of a brochure-recipe book, promotional cards, a website, and PR events, including a press conference at the Italian Embassy in Tokyo and a Press tour to Italy with a group of ten journalists from the main Japanese newspapers and magazines who specialize in lifestyle, cuisine and food.