2009, 2011 and 2012 – SalumiAmo wünderbar!

The third edition of SalumiAmo Germany was in Autumn 2012. Three cities were the protagonists of Italian deli meats enhacement program in November: Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Berlin. Three weeks of tasting events: 14 restaurants participated to the classic 'happy hour' events with Italian deli meats. Italian Salumi have charmed the Press and about 15,000 foodies during the weeks of free tastings, helping german consumers in knowing better the tradition and history, as well as the taste and the nutritional values of these peculiar Italian product.

2009 saw the début of SalumiAmo Europa in Germany, the famous aperitifs featuring Italian deli meats. The first edition involved 3 cities: elegant Hamburg, wealthy Munich and trendy Berlin. Three opening events, one in each city, were dedicated to Italian deli meats, which were the leading players in 21 renowned places. Press and radio advertisements were made in each city to promote the initiative amongst the public. Before starting the promotion, the chefs and waiters of the venues involved did a mini-course to learn how to handle Italian deli meats and how to guide customers through the tasting. Overall, these Happy Hours saw the involvement of about 20,000 people.

Following the success of the first edition, in 2011 Germany once again played the host to SalumiAmo Europa. Aperitifs were organised in 22 very popular high-end venues in 4 different cities: Hamburg, Dresden, Frankfurt and Munich. In every city, the SalumiAmo events were preceded by an opening dinner at famous restaurants, often the property of celebrity chefs (such as Cornelia Poletto in Hamburg and Carmelo Greco in Frankfurt).

The Italian-style Aperitivo was once again highly appreciated: organised at the end of the working day, it was communicated to the general public through local radio and press advertising campaigns.

1994-1995 - The first promotional campaign in Germany

In 1994-1995 an advertising and promotion campaign was set in Germany with the development of specific recipes; as a result, it favoured an increasing and conscious use of Italian deli meats in German gastronomy. The organisation of press tours to the production areas of some Italian deli meats was the tool used by IVSI to involve the German press and acquaint it with Italian products, their history, and their ties to each area. During the promotion period, Italian deli meats were available for tastings at several points of sale in order to expand knowledge of the wide selection of products, which are only partially known in Germany.