2015 - Press tour in Italy for Brazilian press

In July 2015 IVSI and ICE Agency organized a visit in the areas of production of sausages to Italian representatives of the Brazilian press, from Sao Paulo. The incoming is only the first task of a larger program for the promotion and enhancement of Italian cold cuts in Brazil, and that IVSI and Italia Trade Agency are organizing for the fall 2015.

After arriving in Milan and a first stop in Parma, to see the production of raw ham, the tour headed in the city of Modena, with a visit to the historic Market Albinelli; the group continued its busy schedule full of commitments, with tigelle tastings, Prosciutto di Modena DOP, Parmigiano-Reggiano DOP, Lambrusco and the famous black cherry jam abrupt. Thanks to the cooperation of the structure of Piacere Modena, foreign guests were able to deepen their knowledge of many local products, including Zampone and Cotechino Modena, born in these areas.

After Parma and Modena, where they were able to spend much time with the chef Massimo Bottura, the press tour touched Bologna, to see the production of the famous Mortadella Bologna PGI, one of the productions seen after ham and salami. Last, but not least, the city of Milan, which enabled the delegation to visit the Universal Exhibition Expo 2015. The journalists were accompanied on the tour by representatives dell'IVSI agency and ICE, which guided them in the territories of tradition and at the production of deli meats, one of the jewels of made in Italy food.

The group of visiting journalists was made up of prominent names, as Josimar Melo Filho (daily FOLHA DE SÃO PAULO), Patricia Ferraz (newspaper O ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO), José Antonio De Vargas Dias Lopes (Periodic UGUST), João Norberto Bust (Periodic GO WHERE FOOD), Ailin Aleixo (Blog GASTROLANDIA), Sérgio Queiroz (Periodic BACO) and Fabricia Volotão Peixoto (Periodic ISTO E ').

1998 - "Festival da Salumeria Italiana" in São Paulo

In 1998, IVSI carried out its first promotion programme in an extra-European country. The 'Festival da Salumeria Italiana' featuring a series of activities addressed to opinion leaders, traders and consumers enjoyed an authoritative "christening" by the Italian Minister for Foreign Trade, Augusto Fantozzi, who announced the beginning of the promotion campaign of Italian deli meats during an interview with some Brazilian journalists on the occasion of the official visit of the Italian Government to South America.
The opening of the 'Festival da Salumeria Italiana' campaign took place during a gala dinner organised to celebrate 120 years of Italian immigration to Brazil. PR activities also featured a Press tour to Italy for 7 leading Brazilian journalists and food critics, and a press conference in São Paulo. A specific presentation was organised for traders while training activities for shop assistants were held by an Italian butcher/gastronome.

The promotion activity was carried out in 7 renowned restaurants in São Paulo which featured a week of Italian Salumi with tastings of deli meats and the distribution of an information booklet/recipe book, while in several large retail stores promotion and tasting events took place and a mini-recipe book was handed out to customers. Media communication instead involved both specialised and general high-end magazines. The 'Festival da Salumeria Italiana' campaign ended with promotion initiatives at the Italian Embassies of Porto Alegre and Brasilia.

2015 - SalumiAmo Brasil

With the collaboration and contribution of the Italian Trade Agency (Sao Paulo office), from September 28th to October 3rd, IVSI bring Italian deli meats on stage in Brasile, with a huge promotion program called SalumiAmo Brasil, which will focus in Sao Paulo and that will involve many targets: journalists, foodies, importers and retail buyers, on-trade channel and cooking schools, too. A program which involved also the social media visìrtual world, with a Facebook page, Instagram and a dedicated website with a self-explaining name:

Events and promotions

The promotion program is designed to involve the whole public in Brazil. First dates are the press conference and the launch event, to be held Tuesday, September 29th.
10:30h - 14.00h

19:30h - 22.00h

The planned activities will take place from September 28th to October 3rd, and will be divided into workshops, tastings at restaurants and at select retailers, chosen by the organizators.

The appointments follow the following schedule:



An Italian chef from Italy for SalumiAmo Brasil

Cristian Broglia was born in Colorno in 1974 and is currently the chef responsible for all national and international events related to ALMA Cooking School. After graduating from the Institute Hotelier of Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma) he has perfected his culinary skills through various experiences abroad (Lugano, London and Antigua) and in Italy (Porto Cervo) that have refined the techniques and allowed him to develop his innate creative abilities.

Soon after sveral different experiences in Italy in 2001, he decided to go to Ireland as chef de partie at Strawberry Tree Restaurant, perfecting organic and natural food cuisine.

After leaving the service, he returned to Parma, and in January 2004 he became teaching chef ALMA - The International School of Italian Cuisine in Colorno. In recent years he has been involved as a ALMA chef instructor in a series of cooking classes for International restaurateurs promoted by Italian Trade Agency in Germany, Hungary, Finland, Argentina, Mexico and Belgium.