A continuous improvement

Commitment and challenges of the Italian processing industry

Intelligent use of modern technology, able to assure a product with exemplary quality, has resulted in the continuous improvement of production techniques for Italian deli meats, with respect to the cultural heritage and tradition that characterise these products. For example, the time and temperature value programming and control technologies, with reference to maturing environments and ovens, have contributed to optimising and standardizing the finished product at high levels, therefore also satisfying exemplary qualitative standards. Respect of the strictest hygiene levels during production processes, envisioned by a precise reference dietary regulatory framework, moreover allows to always guarantee the high hygienic-sanitary quality of the products. This is a public health factor that cannot be ignored, especially in times characterised by great attention to the safety of food products.

These excellent technical factors, combined with the particular geographical position of some areas of the Italian territory (with consequent distinct and unique climatic conditions for drying the prosciutti naturally), with culture and the expertise of artisan hands, have allowed to consolidate the unmistakable quality of a centuries-old production, adapting it to the different requirements of the place and times, but always with constant respect for tradition.
The modern food industry must try and adapt to the production requests of an increasingly more global market and an increasingly more informed consumer. At the same time it must respond to the requirements of modern lifestyle with practical and innovative solutions, suitable for new eating habits, whilst maintaining tradition. Finally, it cannot ignore the new health guidelines which push towards the reduction or elimination of additives and preservatives from the list of ingredients and the promotion of dietetic, biological or nutraceutical products.

It is to the latter ambit that the resources of the Italian food industry research and development departments have been greatly committed over the last few years, in collaboration with public research institutions like the Stazione Sperimentale per l‘Industria delle Conserve Alimentari (Experimental Station for the Food Preserving Industry) or veterinary preventive medicine institutes. The objective being to satisfy the consumer’s organoleptic and nutritional requirements through products that are increasingly in line with the health and nutritional recommendations of the scientific community, with respect to the strict production specifications of the PDO and PGI deli meats and the centuries-old traditions of Italian productions.