Italian deli meats - Culatello

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The legend says that this valued Italian deli meat exists due to an error: in XIV century, a clumsy norcino (pork butcher - specialized in curing and preserving pork meat) incorrectly deboned a prosciutto and, to solve the problem, salted and matured the meat. Since then, Zibello and other seven municipalities of the Parma lowlands (an area often shrouded in fog, an irreplaceable and determining climatic factor for the maturation of this deli meat) are famous for this gastronomic delight. Only the rear muscle of the upper part of the leg is used to make Culatello di Zibello PDO. Trimming and deboning are carried out by expert hands and governed by centuries-old tradition. After it has been salted and tied, the culatello is matured for about one year.

- Culatello di Zibello PDO (1996) link

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